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On a similar note...

* Viktor hmms and puts on Love Rollercoaster too, for the heck of it
<Viktor> ...or not, I was scrolling through my MP3s and found the RAINBOW BRITE theme :O
<Clara> :O
<Clara> SEND!
* Viktor thinks about that for a minute, and then decides on Love Rollercoaster... and tosses Aeroplane into the mix because she HATES that song
<Viktor> can't dcc through router :P I'll try uploading (again) though
<Clara> ;_^
<Viktor> yay, uploading MP3s works today
<Pokeytax> wow total flashbacks from this song
<Viktor> (yeah, mispelled, it was like that when I got it :P)
<Pokeytax> Andrea that makes me think of an Engrished "Rainbow Blight" Suikoden villain
<Viktor> I should write that fic! After the fall of Highland, a revolt is led by Luca's young daughter previously unknown - Rainbow!
<{_|`]^\> rainbow bright x jowy :O~~~
* Viktor wonders who would ever sleep with Luca though >_<
<Chimerasame> hahah
<Viktor> (Answer: ANYONE HE ORDERED TO)
<Viktor> okay, I just got even scarier thoughts about the "oink like a pig" scene
<Viktor> so I'll stop now
<{_|`]^\> erm... thanks.
<Pokeytax> <Blight> You pathetic worms, cower as I unleash the evil power of the, uh, *cough* Rainbow Rune
<Viktor> ....I want to write that now, darnit. ;) (Rainbow Blight, I mean... not a rewrite of the pig scene.)
<Viktor> Luca likes pleasure spiked with pain and music is his aeroplane :P
<Pokeytax> wtf lol Andrea

...I'm so tempted to write that. Really, honestly, I am. But the Suikoden section at isn't completely horrible yet, and I don't really want to contribute to the decline. ;)
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