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The Little Wooden Shack's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Little Wooden Shack

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Muse-ical interlude! [28 Jan 2006|03:25am]
[ mood | amused ]

(For once, using this journal again because there's a higher percentage of non-fandom people on my main account, who are probably annoyed with this sort of thing.)

So initially Viktor was quite offended by my comments that Dorian might actually be the most obnoxious muse I've ever had - he was proud of his status as the most obnoxious muse I've ever had. So I'd get his rude-but-very-funny interjections about the high-and-mighty aristocrat here and there, and Dorian just wanted the uncivilized brute to go away... Then there was that moment of shared laughter between them last night, and I guess they took up the idea of being drinking buddies as I suggested, because I got the following, with the two of them sitting at the kitchen table...

<Dorian> ...This song is perfect for the Major. *laughs*
<Viktor> Yeah, it really is! Er, not that I've met the guy, but everything I've heard about him.
<Dorian> (chuckles) Except... well...
<Viktor> ...Yeah.
(They both laugh.)
<Dorian> I don't believe he'd refer to himself as a "hot-blooded woman".
(They crack up, until Viktor perks right up, getting an idea.)
<Viktor> Wait, wait - so you change that part to "hot-blooded German"!
(They crack up again, Viktor pounding a fist on the table.)
<Dorian> (still laughing) No wait, better yet - "hot-headed German"!
(They're howling by this time, and it takes a moment to calm down.)
<Viktor> Huh, so yeah, German... Dunno much about that world. Germans make beer, right? Good beer?
<Dorian> (shrug) Yes, if you like beer...
<Viktor> Well...
(Viktor gestures to the bottle in front of him. This sets them both off again.)

...I'm scared now.

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[25 Mar 2004|03:50am]
[ mood | amused ]

Looks like I may have to start this thing up again. And it's all Emishi's fault.

Between the fact that he and James have taken a liking to each other (which led to Emishi posing dramatically around the living room with a rose while reciting poetic nonsense), and the fact he likes dolphins ("Noooo Emishi, don't pet that one!"), and now I'm getting ready for bed and innocently pondering some introspection on Amon...

Emishi: So it's not really so bad anymore, I look around and see I've still got lots of friends... but when I'm alone, all by myself...


No one was looking...
I was thinking of you!
Oh yeah did I mention...
I was all by myself!
All by myself!

...I have not heard or thought about that song in probably eight years. Considering certain things over at the RP, I find it way, way too fitting not to laugh my head off.

Stupid Emishi. :D

(For the record, Ban moved in ages ago, but aside from hitting on Müllenkamp, he hasn't been real loud. I think if Viktor was definitively there, that would be different...)

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Dusting off this journal once again to say... [07 Jun 2003|03:25pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

...Emishi, stay the heck out of my dreams. That was just stupid.

And yes, I'm sure that after talking to Laguna awhile, you did like him, and possibly have a touch of idol worship going on.

But you are not running for office to scam a free house.

(However, Ban and Ginji are welcome to continue hanging around in those subconscious visions, because that first dream was incredibly cute.)

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[17 Apr 2003|05:39pm]
A little after-scening for last night's RP...Collapse )
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Perhaps I need new userpics for this thing... [11 Mar 2003|09:02am]
[ mood | amused ]

Yeah, I think I can safely say there's new muses lounging around now. A Subaru 360 parked outside in the snow, and two boys fighting over leftovers in the kitchen, amidst loud crashes and sparks of electricity flying here and there. (Perhaps it's a good thing Gremio's not around...)

I was thinking I'd just get Ban, but looks like he and Ginji are inseparable. Which is okay, because they're just so darned cute.

I just hope Akabane's not lurking around... there are kids here, y'know. Uh, and Ginji. ;)

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[01 Mar 2003|02:01pm]
...Geddoe and Hardin are fighting over this song.

But silently, in vague glares, because they're Geddoe and Hardin.

(And yes, Geddoe has definitely moved in, and I think Queen wants to share a room with him. Oddly enough, he's got the room Gremio and Tir used to share before Tir went over to the castle, and then they both took off on their journey.)
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[16 Jan 2003|01:07am]
[ mood | pleased ]

So... Viktor and Flik are going to Harmonia.

I'm seriously wondering if they'll run into anyone they know. Or that we know. ;)

(...Well, Geddoe and Ace and Joker are old enough!)

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A little continuation... [13 Jan 2003|11:40am]
[ mood | amused ]

After last night's RP. (non-cut because of the school thingy, and it's not that long anyway...)


Viktor gripped Flik tighter as the smaller man sagged against his body, either semi-conscious or completely unconscious. Lowering him to the floor, Viktor checked over the rapidly rising bump on his head. "Yep, probably nothing deadly, but I'd just as soon get you to a doctor pretty quick in any case..."

The two swords still hovered overhead, and Viktor looked up at the more slender one. "Uh, is this scabbard he's wearing good enough for you to stay in, at least for a little while, Shining Moon Sword? I know it's probably not the perfect fit you deserve, but it is a very well-made scabbard."

"Why, it seems I may have misjudged you," the sword mused, hovering a bit closer and looking over the scabbard. "How thoughtful... and a fine scabbard indeed. I believe it will serve me well for the time being, thank you."

"Don't be fooled," the Star Dragon Sword muttered. "He's not really this polite - he's just doing this to make me look bad."

"I'm hurt, Star Dragon Sword," Viktor retorted with a wounded look. "Just because you don't appreciate the respect I give you..."

"What respect?"

Viktor smirked to himself as he lowered his eyes to Flik's scabbard again, and slid the long, shining blade from it. The hilt lay on the floor near Flik's hand, and the smirk vanished as Viktor held the two pieces of the broken sword for a moment, regarding them with an almost uncharacteristically solemn look. "...Anyway, it's all yours, Shining Moon Sword. Your forerunner was well-loved and well-used. I guess you will be too..."

"Thank you again." The sword slid itself into the scabbard, and fell silent.

Seeing that that was done, Viktor looked down one last time at the broken sword in his hands before putting it away; the hilt found a place in the pouch at his waist, while he slid the blade into the (much too large) scabbard on the other side. "So we're done here," he stated, sliding his arms beneath Flik to lift him. "Let's go, Star Dragon Sword."

The sword grumbled loudly. "And how am I to 'go' when you've kicked me out of my scabbard in place of that useless broken thing?"

Viktor hefted Flik in his arms, and headed back towards the temple proper. "You can fly - I'd have thought you'd be glad to show off your tremendous power, o great sword."

"Stop mocking me."

"Oh, bitch bitch bitch." The sword had no choice but to follow as Viktor vanished into the hallway.

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Expect the unexpected... [09 Jan 2003|11:55am]
[ mood | curious ]

...Well, this is certainly not what I expected to get from Suikoden 3.

Hugo angst? When he's the least likely of the three to angst?

Well, not in my game, apparently.

The interesting part is that it's a conversation with Geddoe, it seems. But no, can't write it yet - I sort of need to, you know, finish the game first, and maybe find out specific things Geddoe might tell him.

(And no, it's not Geddoe/Hugo slash. *shudder* That's just disturbing.)

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[14 Dec 2002|07:34am]
[ mood | not myself. ]

Rar. This is pathetic.

I've got an infomercial on behind me for some cooking device, and the announcer was going through this list of the various things you could cook with it... leg of lamb, pork loin, cornish hen...

And it completely woke Gremio up. I swear, it was like a switch being turned on in my brain, and suddenly I got these meal plans running through, what would be good to serve with that cornish hen, what sort of spices to season the pork loin with... and I don't even cook! And certainly I don't cook meat.

So now I have a very domestic muse prowling around and planning elaborate meals and pining away for a nice big kitchen, and preferably his old kitchen in the McDohl house in Gregminster, since he's currently out by a campfire in what used to be Highland territory, due to musefic arc. I think he'd kill to come home now and cook a big dinner for everyone. With candlelight and all the works.

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This explains so much... -_- [10 Dec 2002|08:26am]
[ mood | amused ]

So, lying in bed, thinking over recent muse events and trying to fall asleep, when Gremio decides to confess something that makes the whole thing all that much more amusing (to me, anyway - he doesn't think so)...

Apparently he was the one who gave Tir the "birds and the bees" talk when he was younger. After Pahn said something he shouldn't have in front of the inquisitive young boy - and when asked what he meant, he stammered and turned red and said Gremio could explain it better. (Gremio: Thank you ever so much, Pahn. >_<)

If nothing else, though, Master Teo was very grateful to Gremio, because it meant he didn't have to have that talk with Tir. And you know, being one of the Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire is no problem, but giving "that talk" to your son? Brave as Teo McDohl might have been, that was one conflict he'd happily have run away from.

(And it appears that Cleo had a fling with Alen, which is what accidentally started this whole unfortunate conversation. Heh heh heh... the McDohl household gets more and more amusing every time I let Gremio talk.)

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[07 Dec 2002|11:18am]
Upon starting a new game of Suik 2, to have a save with the correct name to import someday to Suik 3, I just discovered something else Viktor and I have in common...

...We're pack rats.

Seriously, at the fort in the beginning, the maid says "Viktor's room gets dirty so quickly! But that's just how he is..." or something like that. That, combined with the fact that he apparently held on to some Fire Spears after the Gate Rune War (and it seems it was him alone that did so, since Flik refers to them as "your toys"), leads me to believe that like me, Viktor just never gets rid of anything.

And you know, it fits strangely well what I've written of the guy. In my version of canon, he never cared about the politics in the Liberation Army all that much - and he was bored to death by all the planning. However, he remained in their inner circle, because when they got in a pinch, he would come up with the most bizarre plans with whatever they happened to have handy at the time, and they worked. (Kind of like in 2, when Luca got into the fort, so he goes and throws the Fire Spears in the fire... or the distraction he poses in Rockland... hey, I see a pattern here. And yeah, I like burning stuff too!)

And of course, he could come up with this stuff because he just happened to have various things to work with. Much like I'm always finding uses for the stuff I have stashed all around my room...

Heh, seems like every time I play the game I'm noticing some little quirk about some character or another. I love getting them fleshed out like that.
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*sob* [28 Nov 2002|05:55pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

I'm going to kill whoever taught Viktor this song. He likes his new alternate lyrics way too much...

(Argh, I hope he just passes out soon or something. >_<)

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[22 Nov 2002|06:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hmm, so I was steadily sinking into what seemed to be a bout of depression brought on by the time of year and all it signifies (you know, consumerism and greed and acquisition of meaningless goods), and thinking over titles for this idea I had for a really dark and disturbing VS fic...

And then Viktor goes and cheers me up tremendously by somehow being reminded of this carnival that came to North Window just after his 16th birthday, and how he spent the whole day with Daisy and Wil and a bunch of their friends, and one of their friends had an older brother who got them all beer, and between the beer and this one ride Viktor was so messed up by the end of the day that he couldn't even walk home, and his grandma got so pissed off at him...

*laughs head off* I so need to work this into a fic sometime, especially since it involves the first time he kissed a guy, which was really just an annoying joke, but still...

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[11 Nov 2002|11:12am]
[ mood | silly ]

Drunken Viktor muse + Beauty and the Beast on TV = me laughing out loud suddenly

I've discovered in the past that Viktor loves song parodies. Generally, though, he refrains from making them about himself.

But here I am faced with a parody of that "Belle" song from the movie's opening, featuring several Stars of Destiny going about their business at the castle, and the line "He really is a funny man, that merc!"

I may actually write this thing. Just because the Suikoden section at ff.net has been mercilessly sucky for like the last week, and included a couple really unfunny song parodies. (And one certainly wasn't supposed to be funny, but darnit - you just can't do a parody with angsty lyrics and have anyone take it seriously, I'm sorry.) So, you know, maybe someone needs to remind them how song parodies are supposed to be done.


(But Vik, if you turn this into a stupid fluff musical parody called "Viktor and the Flik", you know I'll do something terrible to you.)

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Gahhhhh... [07 Nov 2002|03:05pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I should not read Suikoden message boards during NaNo. Viktor just clobbered me with yet another plotbunny, after someone offered an explanation as to why spoilers for both games, Viktor's past...Collapse )

Now watching the little angsty plotbunny that was originally half musefic turn into something larger. Yikes... Viktor angst is so incredibly depressing, just because he tries not to let it be.

Now to figure out how to tie it together... Need Tir, possibly... Flik might work nicely too... just need to decide if that little prison incident happened on his way to North Window, or on his way back...

*glares* I'm not supposed to be writing fanfic now, darnit.

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[31 Oct 2002|08:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Soooo, trying to come up with ideas for a playlist for my NaNoWriMo. the "current music" is the only thing I know for sure is going to be on there, but no doubt there will be some Sonic Youth, probably some Radiohead and Suzanne Vega...

And then Rede decides he's into swing and big band.

I don't have any swing or big band, Rede, unless you count one Squirrel Nut Zippers album.

*glares* He's Viktor's OC shift. I should have expected something like this.

Uh, anyone got suggestions? And uhm, possibly links to MP3s? Because I can't use file-sharing programs, every single one either doesn't run or actually screws up my net connection so that I can't connect to anything until I uninstall it.

*glares more* Viktor is a pain in the butt muse no matter what setting or name he's using.

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On a similar note... [30 Oct 2002|03:40pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

* Viktor hmms and puts on Love Rollercoaster too, for the heck of it
<Viktor> ...or not, I was scrolling through my MP3s and found the RAINBOW BRITE theme :O
<Clara> :O
<Clara> SEND!
* Viktor thinks about that for a minute, and then decides on Love Rollercoaster... and tosses Aeroplane into the mix because she HATES that song
<Viktor> can't dcc through router :P I'll try uploading (again) though
<Clara> ;_^
<Viktor> yay, uploading MP3s works today
<Pokeytax> wow total flashbacks from this song
<Viktor> http://www.kekkai.org/andrea/temp/rainbowbright.mp3
<Viktor> (yeah, mispelled, it was like that when I got it :P)
<Pokeytax> Andrea that makes me think of an Engrished "Rainbow Blight" Suikoden villain
<Viktor> I should write that fic! After the fall of Highland, a revolt is led by Luca's young daughter previously unknown - Rainbow!
<{_|`]^\> rainbow bright x jowy :O~~~
* Viktor wonders who would ever sleep with Luca though >_<
<Chimerasame> hahah
<Viktor> (Answer: ANYONE HE ORDERED TO)
<Viktor> okay, I just got even scarier thoughts about the "oink like a pig" scene
<Viktor> so I'll stop now
<{_|`]^\> erm... thanks.
<Pokeytax> <Blight> You pathetic worms, cower as I unleash the evil power of the, uh, *cough* Rainbow Rune
<Viktor> ....I want to write that now, darnit. ;) (Rainbow Blight, I mean... not a rewrite of the pig scene.)
<Viktor> Luca likes pleasure spiked with pain and music is his aeroplane :P
<Pokeytax> wtf lol Andrea

...I'm so tempted to write that. Really, honestly, I am. But the Suikoden section at ff.net isn't completely horrible yet, and I don't really want to contribute to the decline. ;)

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[30 Oct 2002|03:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, it's pokeytax's fault for reminding me of that scene involving Love Rollercoaster.

Although Hardin's cool with some classic rock, Laguna has this knack for liking the exact stuff that Hardin will hate, and then blasting it loudly. The aforementioned song, for instance, and this one. ...I guess someone's gotta irritate Hardin in Viktor's absence.

(No, Laguna, Radar Love is not better. All Along the Watchtower might be a good compromise... Oh, please don't pull out the 80s hair metal bands...)

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[30 Oct 2002|10:02am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

So I'm looking at the official Konami art for Gremio (Yay, a character as skinny as I am - I bet he never takes time to eat his own special stew. ^_^ Hmm, reminds me, there's a song named after it on the OST for II, wonder if it's what I think it is...), while working on getting his cloak just right, and get distracted by the shiny axe.

It occurs to me that since he's such a sweetie, we have all kinds of fic/artwork of him where he's snuggly and cute, cooking, doing laundry, hugging his Young Master, dying nobly, etc... but you don't see him fight much in fanstuff. And he fights with a big wicked axe.

So I started picturing him fighting with that thing - really fighting, not just the couple of frames in battle animations in the game - and wow... the mental images. He's not the strongest fighter, or the fastest fighter, but... he moves like a cat. And he can be vicious.


Pretty... and it's only making that little action bunny about Tir's kidnapping sound more and more appealing...

*grin* I love working on his cloak. The material I found is all soft and a little fuzzy, just like it looks in that pic, and it's as snuggly as Gremio himself is. :D Maybe I'll wear his outfit around tomorrow, and draw the scar on my cheek, ignoring the fact that I still have the wrong color hair at the moment... Heck, I just want to wear the cloak regardless. :D

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