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I should not read Suikoden message boards during NaNo. Viktor just clobbered me with yet another plotbunny, after someone offered an explanation as to why in the first game, after beating Neclord, he said he was going to go back to his village to tell everyone the good news.

...When you see quite clearly in the second game that North Window is completely destroyed and no one is living there. (Emphasis on "living"...)

Translation error, someone suggested. Maybe they didn't intend to make a sequel, much less have any idea that they'd decide North Window was destroyed, at that time, someone else suggested. But one person pointed out that Vik never talks about that stuff unless he has to, and it would be like him to say something like "Well, gonna go tell everyone the good news!" rather than "I'm going to go visit the graves of my family and friends".

Now watching the little angsty plotbunny that was originally half musefic turn into something larger. Yikes... Viktor angst is so incredibly depressing, just because he tries not to let it be.

Now to figure out how to tie it together... Need Tir, possibly... Flik might work nicely too... just need to decide if that little prison incident happened on his way to North Window, or on his way back...

*glares* I'm not supposed to be writing fanfic now, darnit.
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