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A little continuation...

After last night's RP. (non-cut because of the school thingy, and it's not that long anyway...)


Viktor gripped Flik tighter as the smaller man sagged against his body, either semi-conscious or completely unconscious. Lowering him to the floor, Viktor checked over the rapidly rising bump on his head. "Yep, probably nothing deadly, but I'd just as soon get you to a doctor pretty quick in any case..."

The two swords still hovered overhead, and Viktor looked up at the more slender one. "Uh, is this scabbard he's wearing good enough for you to stay in, at least for a little while, Shining Moon Sword? I know it's probably not the perfect fit you deserve, but it is a very well-made scabbard."

"Why, it seems I may have misjudged you," the sword mused, hovering a bit closer and looking over the scabbard. "How thoughtful... and a fine scabbard indeed. I believe it will serve me well for the time being, thank you."

"Don't be fooled," the Star Dragon Sword muttered. "He's not really this polite - he's just doing this to make me look bad."

"I'm hurt, Star Dragon Sword," Viktor retorted with a wounded look. "Just because you don't appreciate the respect I give you..."

"What respect?"

Viktor smirked to himself as he lowered his eyes to Flik's scabbard again, and slid the long, shining blade from it. The hilt lay on the floor near Flik's hand, and the smirk vanished as Viktor held the two pieces of the broken sword for a moment, regarding them with an almost uncharacteristically solemn look. "...Anyway, it's all yours, Shining Moon Sword. Your forerunner was well-loved and well-used. I guess you will be too..."

"Thank you again." The sword slid itself into the scabbard, and fell silent.

Seeing that that was done, Viktor looked down one last time at the broken sword in his hands before putting it away; the hilt found a place in the pouch at his waist, while he slid the blade into the (much too large) scabbard on the other side. "So we're done here," he stated, sliding his arms beneath Flik to lift him. "Let's go, Star Dragon Sword."

The sword grumbled loudly. "And how am I to 'go' when you've kicked me out of my scabbard in place of that useless broken thing?"

Viktor hefted Flik in his arms, and headed back towards the temple proper. "You can fly - I'd have thought you'd be glad to show off your tremendous power, o great sword."

"Stop mocking me."

"Oh, bitch bitch bitch." The sword had no choice but to follow as Viktor vanished into the hallway.
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