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Muse-ical interlude!

(For once, using this journal again because there's a higher percentage of non-fandom people on my main account, who are probably annoyed with this sort of thing.)

So initially Viktor was quite offended by my comments that Dorian might actually be the most obnoxious muse I've ever had - he was proud of his status as the most obnoxious muse I've ever had. So I'd get his rude-but-very-funny interjections about the high-and-mighty aristocrat here and there, and Dorian just wanted the uncivilized brute to go away... Then there was that moment of shared laughter between them last night, and I guess they took up the idea of being drinking buddies as I suggested, because I got the following, with the two of them sitting at the kitchen table...

<Dorian> ...This song is perfect for the Major. *laughs*
<Viktor> Yeah, it really is! Er, not that I've met the guy, but everything I've heard about him.
<Dorian> (chuckles) Except... well...
<Viktor> ...Yeah.
(They both laugh.)
<Dorian> I don't believe he'd refer to himself as a "hot-blooded woman".
(They crack up, until Viktor perks right up, getting an idea.)
<Viktor> Wait, wait - so you change that part to "hot-blooded German"!
(They crack up again, Viktor pounding a fist on the table.)
<Dorian> (still laughing) No wait, better yet - "hot-headed German"!
(They're howling by this time, and it takes a moment to calm down.)
<Viktor> Huh, so yeah, German... Dunno much about that world. Germans make beer, right? Good beer?
<Dorian> (shrug) Yes, if you like beer...
<Viktor> Well...
(Viktor gestures to the bottle in front of him. This sets them both off again.)

...I'm scared now.
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