woodenshack's Journal

The Little Wooden Shack
The Little Wooden Shack is a house in a field in the middle of a forest, some distance from the sea. It exists in the mind of mullenkamp, and is where her muses live and interact with each other, breed plotbunnies and have many adventures, along with the inhabitants of kitarin's Pinwhelia Castle and sometimes kelvena's Balamb Garden.

...Actually it's not exactly little anymore, and it's really too nice to be called a shack, but the name stuck. At any rate, this journal is just for talk about the muses, occasional musefic, and random observations while musewatching. Keeps it from cluttering up the main journal.

The inhabitants are as follows, no longer in any particular order because there's too many:

Sydney Losstarot - Immortal high priest and oracle of an apocalyptic cult, he left the land of Valendia with his lover Hardin, but continues to be plagued by visions of the future that he may not have escaped. Though he usually assumes a distant, careless manner, still he tries to come to terms with the feelings he's not entirely managed to kill off.

John Hardin - Formerly in charge of Sydney's cult's rebellious activities against the state religion. Now he lives a more peaceful life - though between Sydney, two children, his troubled past, and his own self-destructive tendancies, peaceful is perhaps not the right word.

Viktor - A mercenary who's played an important role in two major wars. Always found with a smirk and a joke (and usually a beer), you wouldn't know from looking at him that he's had quite a bit of tragedy in his life. Often found in the company of his (boy)friend, Flik.

Gremio - Former servant of General Teo McDohl, who was assigned to care for Teo's son Tir. After a complicated series of events, Tir left his home, with Gremio following to watch over him, his devotion to his "Young Master" having grown much deeper than his oath to Teo. He usually cooks for the shack's residents, in addition to generally acting like a mother hen. Currently dating the priestess Müllenkamp, for some strange reason.

Laguna Loire - Another upbeat and sometimes goofy former soldier, who accidentally ended up president of Esthar. He alternates his time between the presidential palace and the shack, and is seldom found without a paper and pen, whether it's for paperwork or just his own writings.

Kain Highwind - A dragoon, or Dragon Knight, in service of the kingdom of Baron. After his best friend Cecil became king and married their childhood friend Rosa, who Kain was somewhat fixated on for many years, Kain left. Supposedly the purpose of his pilgrimage was to become a better person, but he has yet to come to terms with his bitterness and jealousy. He spends most of his time working out and practicing his skills with various weapons in the back yard.

James - A former member of Team Rocket, a criminal organization. He and his partner Jessie were fixed on trying to steal a particular Pikachu, though James mostly was along because Jessie dragged him into it, and they had a great deal of fun together. He's very excitable and has, as he would put it, "a passion for fashion! ^_____^" For some reason, this usually means he's wearing women's clothing. He sort of scares everyone.

Joshua Bardorba - Supposedly taken as a hostage by Hardin during a siege on his father's manor, this four-year-old took a liking to his "kidnapper", and vice versa, causing Hardin to more or less adopt him. He's incredibly smart for his age, though he never speaks, and tends to spend much of his time reading or watching documentaries on educational channels. He also has a more age-appropriate fascination - Pokemon.

Samus Aran - An intergalactic bounty hunter, best known for a spotless reputation and the destruction of the Space Pirates during the Metroid series. Outside the suit of armor which keeps Samus' identity secret, she's a very quick-thinking and sly young woman who keeps everyone on their toes. She's looked into everyone's records, and occasionally brings up things that they'd really rather she didn't...

Lulu - Guardian of the summoner Yuna, she can create animated dolls that fight for her. Much of her time is spent quietly sewing or knitting, though she has a wicked sense of humor that pops up sometimes - and she has a somewhat twisted fondness for daggers, which gives everyone else the creeps.

Wakka - Another of Yuna's guardians, and an all-around nice guy, though he's a bit of a technophobe. Having discovered the upsetting truth about his former religion, he's still passionate about two things: his friends, and blitzball.

Mullenkamp - The founder of Sydney's cult, she was a powerful priestess and exotic dancer who became the emissary of the Kildean gods. Not much is known about her, and she seldom appears within the shack, mostly to drop strange riddles in the Kildean language and play Dance Dance Revolution. For some reason, she took a liking to Gremio, and the two began dating.

Franz the dolphin - A bridge officer on the Yggdrasil, Franz is also a raging pervert with a habit of carrying his microphone and a tape recorder everywhere, in hopes of catching something interesting... and sometimes eavesdropping for the purposes of increasing his sound collection. Though supposedly involved with Chu-Chu, he'll make dirty comments about anyone or anything regardless. Viktor is about the only person in the shack who will willingly associate with him.

Little Washuu - Though she may look like a young girl, she's actually an ancient goddess who's decided to take up the mad scientist trade. She's set up shop in the basement of the shack, and runs many experiments down there. Everyone else mostly stays out of her way, lest she use them as a guinea pig.

Ashley Riot - A remarkable fighter, and through the power of the Dark, he's becoming a mage as well... though he could still use some practice. He prefers to live a solitary life, and mostly stays in the basement, where Washuu has allowed him to set up a workshop so he can do the work he loves - forging armor and weapons, and perhaps a little woodworking on the side.

Mido Ban - Cocky, rude, perverse, penny-pinching, and generally abrasive, Ban doesn't make friends easily. The most annoying part is that he can back up his cockiness with impressive strength, his psychic "evil eye" ability, and intelligence... even if he can't seem to use that intelligence to hold onto any of his money. Usually found trying to grope Mullenkamp, or hanging out with his best friend Ginji.

Emishi Haruki - A wannabe comedian also known as the Bloody Joker, due to the violence of his deadly Rouran "dancing whip" technique. He'd much rather spend his time making people laugh, even at his own expense, although a darker side is buried deep. He can be counted on at least as much for an endless string of bad puns and stupid humor as he can for his fighting talent.

Kurusu Masaki - Formerly a king and a god, in a sense, Masaki is now trying to figure out how to live life as just an ordinary man - at least, ordinary aside from abilities that allow him to focus light. Despite his rough exterior and a bit of a drinking problem that he picked up somewhere, he's more introspective and thoughtful than one might expect.

Sirius Black - Or perhaps we should say Padfoot? After twelve years in the prison called Azkaban, it seems that Sirius' mischievous streak is glad to have a houseful of people to be inflicted on. He spends a lot of time in the form of a large black dog prone to knocking things over with a wagging tail... which some other residents probably haven't figured out is him yet.

Tsuzuki Asato - Like many residents of the shack, Tsuzuki is dead. Unlike most of the others, he's been that way for awhile, and spends time here to blow off his work in the afterlife. Frequently. Even though he's got a huge guilt complex and all kinds of issues, you probably won't see it here - you'll just see him acting cheerfully dense, trying to make friends with everyone, and stuffing his face with desserts, sometimes in puppy form.